We worked with Inqune to develop a two-day management bootcamp program. Our core values were woven into the sessions themselves. It was very informative, people still reference the learning that they had, as well as a lot of the fun. The managers who participated in these sessions now have a network of folks they can turn to with issues as they grow their management careers. A lot of the content is evolving, because the company is evolving. But the structure that was put together is very malleable, so we’ve been able to continue to tailor it to be relevant as our team changes.

One of our core values is that we seek out, develop, and retain the best people. Before this there had not been a lot of professional development opportunities offered. We’ve had a great return on investment: the initial investment to develop the sessions would be quickly offset if we’d sent just a handful of people for management training offsite, and that wouldn’t be in our voice. We surveyed to get feedback: it was overwhelmingly very very positive. The managers could see that we were making a direct investment in them, to make this a better place, and continue their personal growth. We had a wonderful experience working with Inqune, and the fact that the program exists and continues to this day is a strong testament to the great work that they did.”
David Grimes, Sr. HR Manager at Taulia

How We Helped

Created shared expectations for managers
Wove company values into management training
Developed Taulia-specific management vocabulary and tools

Comprehensive & scalable management curriculum
Program has been repeated 4 times, training 40+ managers
Currently localizing for international management teams


“Silverline started working with Inqune in early 2013 to help us complete and execute on our vision for a new approach to transforming entry –level employees to Salesforce consultants. Our goal from the onset was to create a program which could effectively accelerate consulting, technical and professional expertise development.

“The results from this partnership and this program have exceeded all expectations. Our first round of graduates are proof that when you combine a comprehensive and scalable on-boarding curriculum with the right trainers and mentors you can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to transform new hires into valuable consultants. We could not be more thankful to the Inqune team for their guidance and expertise.”
Scott Snider, COO of Silverline

How We Helped

Transformed entry-level employees into Salesforce consultants
Increased staff scalability
Developed depth of consulting practice

Comprehensive & scalable on-boarding curriculum
Hands-on mentoring program
Consulting, technical and professional expertise development

Financial Force

“Working with Inqune, we developed and executed our first true global sales kick-off event for our rapidly growing sales team. Building on the momentum we established at SKO, we’ve worked closely with Inqune to evolve our sales training and enablement program, which focusses on the development of our key sales roles of account executives, pre-sales constants and inside sales. Our continued work together to develop our sales talent is a critical success factor for our company.”
Adrian Ivanov, VP of Worldwide Sales at

How We Helped

Designed & delivered first global sales-kickoff.
Created & implemented scalable sales onboarding program.
Made sales talent development a way of life at FinancialForce.

Informatica Cloud

“Alana and the Inqune team worked closely with us to create and execute global training following two acquisitions. We were able to drive sales for our newly acquired product lines, improve our win rate 30% and increase our average selling price 10%.”
Daniel Niemann, VP Sales, Informatica Cloud.

How We Helped

30% increase in win rate.
Post-acquisition training design.
Rollout of new products & messaging.
Developed & executed in-person global trainings.
Developed & executed trainer trainings.


“Alana & Inqune helped us to refine our messaging, formulate our sales process, and execute a successful prospecting strategy. Alana guided us to create discipline in our sales cycles and with her help, we’re creating a sustainable lead qualification engine. As a result of our work with Alana, we have increased our pipeline 200%.”
Sumit Suman, Founder, Mentii

How We Helped

Created & tested go-to-market strategy.
Developed sales pitch.
Deployed benchmarks & metrics to measure results.