Values. Culture. Training. Inqune.

Start at the center:
define or refine
what your company stands for.
How do your
core values manifest in daily workplace interactions?
Introduce trainings
to teach needed skills while embedding values & culture.
Sound hard?
Inqune will be
there every step
of the way

Your company is like your kid.

You want it to grow up right. To be centered, grounded, true to itself.

When it is small, you are responsible for all of its needs. You do the hiring, and your employees are like a second family. You onboard– maybe that looks like a long conversation with new hires in your office or over beers. You train– which may look like the time when you were five and uncle Rick tossed you in the pool to teach you to swim. And everyone knows what the company is all about because– well, they were there from the start.

But as your company grows, you feel it beginning to drift from its starting point. You can see the day coming when you won’t recognize people in the halls– or you fear that you won’t like what you see. What will happen to your beautiful baby?

It is time to send that kid to school.

At Inqune, we believe that cultivation of a unique, positive corporate culture can make a company great– and neglecting it can be disastrous. Our values-centric discovery process gets to the heart of what your company is about, and our streamlined training design process gives you high-value results with a fast turn-around. We will show you how to onboard new hires, develop current employees, and train the people in your sales channel to be your brand evangelists. Our trainings will embrace and propagate your company’s values and culture, along with crucial skills that your sales, development, support, or other teams need to excel.

Because that’s what you want for your company: to be the best, while being true to itself. We want that too. Let’s talk about how we can help.