Hello. Nice to meet you.

At Inqune, we have a vision. We want to create training programs that change the way small and mid-sized cloud software companies hire, train, and think.

Feel confident hiring raw university graduates or warriors from the last generation of tech, knowing you have the tools to create experts internally. Hire people for their aptitudes and attitudes, not their current skill set. Ramp experienced hires for quick productivity in new roles. Inqune gives startups lean and nimble training tools to create the talent they need to grow.

We began working with cloud computing start-up leaders in late 2012, launching learning programs and creating training infrastructure. These programs required sophisticated design, but the training frequency was low and the companies needed to run lean. To meet their unique needs, Inqune created a methodology specifically for Saas companies that allows them to rapidly develop scalable training programs.

Inqune’s programs become a critical tool for clients, allowing them to pivot quickly and get their teams proficient in new skills and messaging at the pace of business. When companies miss a quarterly number, acquire a new product, or realign their internal teams, Inqune’s methodology can be re-deployed to extract the core elements of the business, capture current standards and practices, develop innovative and interactive learning that can be implemented globally, and measure the impact in increased revenue or reduced cost.

Our Leadership

Alana Kadden Ballon

Co-Founder Director of Learning Programs & Business Development


Alana leads the Inqune team to help client companies grow effectively and maximize their most valuable resource: their talent. With 10 years of cloud computing and education experience, Alana has helped cloud software leaders build learning programs that improve revenue and lift barriers to growth.

Alana spent the majority of her career to date with Salesforce.com. She managed and delivered on-boarding, methodology rollout and certification for over 1,000 sales team members worldwide before moving into sales as the founding account executive for their corporate sales team in New York City. Immediately prior to founding Inqune, Alana spent a year leading enablement efforts for Informatica’s Cloud division throughout the Eastern US, Europe, and Asia.

Alana holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics with a minor in Arabic and Islamic Studies from U.C.L.A and is pursuing a Masters of Arts in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University’s Teachers College. She believes risk is at the heart of the learning process. Her favorite risks so far include: Studying abroad in Israel as a high school exchange student, studying Arabic in college, backpacking in Southeast Asia, moving to New York, and starting Inqune.

Katie Proctor

Co-Founder Director of Projects, Resources, & Quality

Katie keeps Inqune’s resources, budgets, and schedules on-track and ensures that our delivered materials are top-notch. With a diverse background in publishing, project management, education, and advocacy, Katie brings an exciting mix of skills and experience to the Inqune team.

Before joining Alana to found Inqune she served as Managing Editor of Stealing Time, a literary magazine for parents, which she co-founded in 2012. Stealing Time launched as a Kickstarter project, raising $9,000 in two weeks and quickly growing to more than 600 subscribers in its first year.

At Cornell University, she taught and assisted in courses including Computing Cultures, Biomedical Ethics, and the History of Science while earning a Master’s Degree in Science & Technology Studies. Katie also holds a BA in History from the University of Oregon.

Katie founded Kidical Mass PDX, a small non-profit encouraging families to use bicycles for transportation, and continues to serve as its Director. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and two kids. She also keeps cats and chickens, brews beer, and helps people move their homes and businesses by bike.

Janine Winters


Senior Consultant: Design

Janine attended the Master’s program in Writing and Book Publishing at Portland State University, where she co-founded Ooligan Press’ Sustainable Publishing Initiative and co-authored the book, Rethinking Paper & Ink: the Sustainable Publishing Revolution.

Our Team

Inqune works with a talented team of consultants to make sure that we always have the right personnel to meet client needs. Here’s some of our best talent:

  • Stephanie Licata, Senior Consultant: Instructional Design. Stephanie is an independent consultant, coach, and trainer. She has a Master’s in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University and enjoys helping organizations to thrive.
  • Kelly Ceynowa, Senior Consultant. Kelly has spent her career working across the private, non-profit, and public sectors. Inspired by the intersection of people and strategy, she builds learning and leadership development programs from idea to implementation. She holds an MA in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University and lives in New York.

Community Involvement

Studio G – Project H


Inqune is committed to partnering with community organizations whose are dedicated to innovative education. In 2013, we funded a scholarship for Project H’s Studio G Design Camp.

Studio G is a one-of-a-kind design and building summer camp for girls ages 9-12 that sparks creativity and curiosity through hands-on building, problem-solving, and meaningful making.

Integrating science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) skills, Studio G projects build confidence, grit, and the belief that everything is possible. Studio G camp “graduates” will be equipped to communicate audacious ideas through their creative voice, transform their communities through active building, and go forth confidently into higher education and careers.