10 Things Sales Team Leaders MUST Do in July

It’s July: hot, sticky, and slow. What’s a sales team leader to do?


By July, your team has forgotten the glory of 2013’s start: the goals, the message, the game plan. But they still need to gear up for the crush of Q3 and Q4, or your targets are going to be burned like last weekend’s burgers.

Here are some great tips on how to make the most of your second half and not get caught flat-footed in 2014.

10. Gather your management team for a 1st half evaluation
Xactly did a great write-up last year about reflecting on Q1 & Q2 to planning for the second half, putting SPIFs in place based on those results to drive additional Q3 & 4 revenue.

9. Recognize your 1st half top performers
Surprise first half leaders with recognition & host a Q & A panel for other reps to ask them for tips and tricks.

8. Highlight top 1st half deal strategies
Which unique deals did you do? Can you do more like them in the second half?

7. Create a sales playbook for your team they can use in the second half
Document what you did in #8 and make sure everyone on your team has it in their hands!

6. Pump your team up for the second half of the year
Will you dye your hair, dress up like your General Counsel, or donate to charity if they hit 200%? Remind them why they are the best team in the industry, that they have the best tools and are unstoppable.

5. Identify the top deals you need to close between now and year end
Where should VPs of sales & sales managers be spending their time? Pick out the deals and hold everyone, including yourself, accountable, by going back to the hit list weekly.

4. Plan your closing events (off-sites, customer visits, conferences)
Make sure you know what needs to happen when to close key deals & get customers to agree to the plan. Dreamforce (www.dreamforce.com) is a huge closing event, if you plan with customers accordingly.

3. Determine which team members are positioned for promotions in early 2014
We often leave career planning to the last minute and it is a huge motivator. Make sure your team knows they should be thinking about their next step and what they need to do to get there.

2. Put incentives in place for pipeline building, you’ll thank yourself in 2014
S-P-I-F! Make sure your reps are incented to build the pipeline. Don’t forget, you are laying the foundation for 2014 & who knows, you might find a deal you can pull into 2013.

1. Start planning your 2014 sales kick-off
Hotel meeting space is being booked now – make sure you don’t miss out! Create a leadership committee to execute on the four buckets of any kick-off: performance recognition, future motivation, team building, and skill & execution training

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