5 Tips for a Divine Dreamforce

San Francisco Super ColorThis will be my 9th Dreamforce. There are a lot of tip lists across the internet– but you should trust mine.

1. Make all plans in advance.

It is rare that meetings planned during a chance meeting on the show floor actually happen: there are just too many distractions. When people say they want to plan a meeting once we see each other in San Francisco, I politely reply, “Once Dreamforce starts, there is too much chaos and I find it is difficult to arrange meetings. I’m filling up my schedule now and would love to include you, otherwise let’s block time after the conference.”

2. Meet new people.

I’m still in touch with people I met at Dreamforce years ago and they continue to be great clients, connections and resources. Connect with people on Chatter and Twitter, attend meet-ups at Dreamforce, and introduce yourself to people on the show floor.

3. Take breaks.

There are DJs, food stands, and bars everywhere. If you are getting grouchy or overwhelmed, find a place you can go for a few minutes to recharge, and then return to the fun! (Related: Hydrate. Eat.)

4. Carry as little as possible.

It is easier to focus on the conference if you don’t have your laptop in front of you. Your back will thank you and it is easier to maneuver in crowds. I know it is hard to avoid bringing your laptop if you want to get some work done during the day, but it’s worth it to plan a few hours of your day in your hotel room working and a few hours solely devoted to the show.

5. Wear comfortable shoes.

Now that Dreamforce has gotten so big, the distances between venues are significant. Make sure the shoes you choose are ones you can walk at least a mile in and are comfortable standing in on concrete.