Dreamforce Recap 2013

Inqune founder Alana Kadden Ballon speaks at Dreamforce 2013.
Inqune founder Alana Kadden Ballon speaks at Dreamforce 2013.

We know, we took a little longer to recover from Dreamforce and get our post-Dreamforce blog post up. What can we say? It’s the holidays & we have been overwhelmed with amazing customer opportunities. Here’s hoping that continues in 2014! But, we didn’t forget you: we know some of you couldn’t make it to Dreamforce and are still wondering. What did you learn? What was it like? Who did you meet? This blog’s for you.

1. What did we learn?

There are lots of firms who are providing contextual content. What is contextual content you ask? Content that is provided to the user at the point in time which they need it. For example, if you move an opportunity to discovery, a guide to asking open-ended questions will pop up.

These tools can be great – if you have the content. We find that most of our clients struggle to create the right content & keep it fresh. With some of the great tools we’re creating this year for clients, we’re hoping to test out one of these apps.

2. What was it like?

Awesome! It was great to see so many of our clients in one place, meet so many new people and understand what challenges cloud start-ups are facing. Most of them said the following:

  • a. How do we give our reps the tools they need to be successful from Day 1?
  • b. How do we change/scale/merge company culture?
  • c. How do we get our reps to: Prospect more? Sell to existing clients?
  • d. How do we figure out which leads are the best & generate more of them?

3. Who did we meet?

  • Benj Kamm from Health Leads, an organization partnering with doctors who prescribe food, fuel assistance, housing or other resources & that connects low-income patients with the resources they need to be healthy.
  • Vidyard, which provides amazing analytics & embeds video assets so you can see what is working & what isn’t.
  • KnowledgeTree, embedding sales content where you need it so you can close deals faster.