And a PowerPoint Deck In a Pear Tree

Here at Inqune, we just celebrated first anniversary: we’re feeling a bit older, a bit wiser, and incredibly thankful for the opportunities we’ve had in 2013. And we’re going to tell you about it in verse (hey, why not?) with the 12 Days of Inqune. Enjoy!

Inqune in a Pear Tree


On the first day of Inqune, we explored, defined, celebrated and curated corporate cultures, for ourselves and our clients.

On the second day of Inqune, we worked on creating meaning in mentorship. We identified our own mentors and developed formal mentoring programs for others.

On the third day of Inqune, we led amazing events that led to increased capacity, close-rates, win-rates and average amounts for the sales teams we work with.

On the fourth day of Inqune, we encountered clients’ shifting goals and priorities. We learned to manage these changes and adjust our expectations.

On the fifth day of Inqune, we learned new tools and technologies that took our client work to a new level.

On the sixth day of Inqune, we found the importance of design in learning and how the five senses are engaged in acquiring new information.

On the seventh day of Inqune, we embarked on new relationships and partnerships, expanding our own onboarding and communication efforts internally.

On the eighth day of Inqune, we guided clients who were acquiring and merging to realize instant success from those transactions.

On the ninth day of Inqune, we kicked our business development engine into high gear and connected with new and existing clients to explore exciting potential projects together.

On the tenth day of Inqune, we created incredible content and tools that our clients will use to change their workplaces for weeks, months and years into the future.

On the eleventh day of Inqune, we expanded our definition of what it meant to be Inqune: inquisitive and in tune, when it comes to our clients needs, our own needs and those of our community.

On the twelfth day of Inqune, we remembered everything that happened on our first year of this adventure and as we look ahead into the future, are so grateful for the opportunities, experiences and relationships that have gotten us to this stage. We have incredible plans the next twelve months of Inqune and can’t wait to see them become a reality!