This One Crazy Trick Will Transform Your Sales Process

I have a lot of tips about Salesforce Dashboards. I got to talk about them at Dreamforce this year: check it out in the video below!

Here’s the crazy trick: Managing a sales team isn’t about sales metrics. It’s about, well, managing a team. Once you’ve picked the metrics you want to track, the only way to make them pay off for your team is by actually:

  1. Reviewing them with your team
  2. Discussing why they are moving in the ways that they are
  3. Make action plans to improve them, and
  4. Follow up the next week.

…And the next, and the next.

Let you team know that you care about a handful of meaningful metrics, and create constructive plans to move them in the directions that you want to go. And watch your numbers go up.

Watch your numbers.

Crazy, right?