Communicating at Dreamforce

IMG_6495We are back! After a thrilling few of days at Moscone Center taking in the sights and sounds of Dreamforce, today the Inqune team is returning to our desks, reaching out to the people we met, kicking off some “as soon as Dreamforce is over we will…” projects, and getting ready to end 2014 with a bang.

In one of the first conversations we had at Dreamforce, an old friend said to us:

Every person you talk to here is trying to figure out how to make a million dollars off of you in the first five minutes of conversation. Let it go. Connect.

He was right, both in his observation and his advice.

To be clear: Dreamforce is a business event; more than that, it is a business event dominated by people in sales. It is entirely appropriate to be focused on our careers, companies, and products in this context.


Business relationships are still relationships. The person you bump into at a conference MAY be the person who makes you a million dollars– but if they are, it will be because of shared concerns and mutual trust.

So, the next time you are at a conference, give the person you bump into on the show floor a break. Choose to be the person who listens to what is going on in their lives. Choose to see them as a person. Choose to have a real conversation. And, if the conversation turns up a problem that you might be able to help with (or vise versa): Set up a call or a meeting OFF the show floor when you can engage the problem together.

We hope you had a great Dreamforce!