5 Costumes to Celebrate Your Company

Who doesn’t love Halloween? I know a lot of sales managers are stressed today – it’s the last day of the month and many decision makers are heading home early to get their trick-or-treaters dressed and ready to go.

You probably have at least one team that organized and dressed up for Halloween today. But if you didn’t, there’s still time to grab a few office supplies and get into the holiday spirit – and celebrate your company.

1) Team Brainstorm162587173

All you need are a ton of post-its and a fifteen minute team meeting. Pop a team meeting on the calendars and you’ll have everyone a little on edge. You can start the meeting off in a serious manner:

“I called you all here today in order to discuss my costume. We’re going to brainstorm what I should be for Halloween by writing down your ideas, HR appropriate, on post-its.”

After you’ve given them time to write down their ideas, stick the post-its all over yourself.

Proclaim: “I’m a brainstorm!”

*To make them hate you a little less, provide candy and beverages.raincoat

2) Company Values.

You learned them in your onboarding sessions, but how often does your team think about company values in their day-to-day performance. Make yourself a living reminder! Honesty. Integrity. Fun. Transparency. Use images to illustrate or pick one image & run with it.




3) Red-lined legal agreement.

It’s always fun to work with legal! Cut red paper into thin lines, print out some legalese and attach those redlines.




3) Discount462571781

Ain’t nothing but a number right? What % are you? Do you need management approval? Slap an “approved” label over the number you choose



4) Chairman’s Club86519312

Use this one to rally your reps for the last months of the year. You can be before or after, but make sure you create a mocktail to carry around, have flip flops and a trophy.



5) The Competition103802193

Pick a competitor. Dress up as them, pin on their logo, and don’t forget to throw on some FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt). Print out some screenshots to call out their shortcomings: manual data entry, no custom reports, etc.