Your 2016 Sales Kickoff

Last month, Inqune began working on a client’s 2016 Sales Kickoff Event.

Feel like you’re already behind? Never fear! Summer is the perfect time to start thinking about how you will recognize and motivate your team in the coming year.

Especially if your team is small, your SKO may not have stages, lights, keynote speeches and breakout sessions. You don’t need large travel budgets, elaborate accommodations or all of the other things that might seem wildly out of reach. Even with a team as small as three or four, without the glitz of a large event, a sales kickoff can set an important tone for your sales team’s year.

You don’t need to fly everyone somewhere tropical for a week– though you certainly can. Inspire a small team and help them bond by doing these four things.

  1. Fire them up. Show your team how big an opportunity you have, why your company will own the market and why they are the best team to make that happen.
  2. Get on the same page. Communicate your strategy and align it with what your team can achieve this year. This will make sure they focus on the right targets using the right messaging and resources. Get everyone marching in the same direction.
  3. Thank AND reward them. They have been working hard and they will continue to work hard for the organization. Recognize top achievers, celebrate wins and laud team members who contributed to the organization. Show them how handsomely they will be rewarded for future performance.
  4. Have fun. Make your team something people want to be part of. Give them time to trade stories, tell jokes and discuss strategies. On sales kickoff surveys, networking is consistently ranked the most valuable part of the event.

Don’t be afraid to keep it simple: It can be an afternoon meeting and a festive night out. Use the time to set the tone and expectations; think about how you will measure success, hold yourself accountable and make changes as you go.

Establishing great sales kickoffs are part of building your company sales culture. Ready to get started? Let us help! Contact us today.