Newbie Post: Katy the Intern

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetby: Katy Spalding

This is the third week of my Learning and Development Summer Internship at Inqune, although three weeks seems disproportionate to the vast amount I’ve already learned. I was exposed to the business of Silicon Valley in small doses prior to this internship, however the “work world” remained an alluring mystery to me, a sentiment common among many undergraduate underclassmen. I am one of the lucky few that has had the privilege to undergo a more well rounded immersion into business life thanks to this summer internship.

Inqune is a small company that takes pride in creating training programs that drive growth in small to mid-sized cloud companies.

One thing I love about interning with Inqune is that we work with a few clients at a time, so I get a peek into at many different business cultures, whereas the typical internship would provide exposure to only one environment. I have loved getting to observe how the culture of a company seeps into every aspect of the business — from the aesthetics to the employees themselves.

I’m witnessing a wide array of jobs and companies that I had no idea existed and I’m getting to see them up close. The Silicon Valley is an electrifying world that is pulsing with innovation, talent and enterprise. Its drive to foster groundbreaking ideas that undermine the stereotype of a bleak cubicle workday is immensely attractive. I am itching to delve into it further as I begin to choose my career path and I am grateful for the opportunities Inqune has provided for me so far.