Katy the Intern: What I've Learned

by Katy Spalding

Last week, we said goodbye (for now!) to our first Inqune intern. She left us with this blog post. Best of luck in the new term, Katy, and thanks for your hard work this summer!iStock_000000421458_Small

When I began my Inqune internship two months ago, the extent of my knowledge covered superficial details about the Silicon Valley and a general comprehension of sales. Additionally, the time to decide on a career path as I approached my Junior year of college was looming darkly overhead, a feeling worsened by the fact that the Silicon Valley remained a cloudy mystery.

In the past few months, my knowledge and understanding of sales and modern day companies has increased in a manner that feels exponential. I have been taught the proper etiquette to practice in business correspondence and had the chance to interact with immensely successful people. I have received a crash course in Sales 101, learned a bit of the Sandler Method and became proficient in the basics of Salesforce software. I observed a day of FinancialForce’s onboarding bootcamp and gained crucial advice from listening to thriving FinancialForce Sales Representatives, which allowed me peer into the life of an entry level sales person.

Most importantly, I am now able to envision myself as an adult in the Silicon Valley. Alana has provided me with tastes of such a wide array of companies that I no longer feel as though I am walking blindly into the abyss that is my post-college career. This internship has given me a peek at what my life could be like in a few years which I find priceless and comforting. I have loved this summer internship and will be forever grateful for the chance to work at Inqune.