3 Ways to Structure Your Sales Playbook (Part 3)

There are several ways to structure your sales playbook. The question is, what will make most sense for your team? First, think about what type of organization you are part of.

If you organization has is more product-focused, then you should principally organize content around your products or solutions.

Our general preference is to organize content around the sales process, so that reps find the content they need based on the part of the sales process they are in at the time. This can be challenging if you sell multiple products — in that case, we always recommend a tool that can present content to you based both on where you are in the deal and what solutions you are presenting to the client.

1. Product or Solution-centric Structure

Product-Centric diagram

2. Process-centric Structure

Process-centric structure

3. Persona-centric Structure


Note: If you are using a product or persona-based approach, you will have an operations only section in a different part of your playbook that deals with information to enter in CRM, which roles are involved in each part of the process and criteria for forecasting and pipeline management.

Determine Your Structure

  • How do you determine which structure is right to you?
  • Shadow reps, see what information they access when.
  • Ask reps when they are looking for information.
  • What are they thinking about?
  • What usually prompts them to go look for information?
    • The next steps in the sales cycle?
    • Buyer-oriented information?
    • Product-specific information?
  • Where do they think to go look for something?
  • How does it makes the most sense to organize it? Ask the salespeople this question directly.
  • What do they like/not like about how things are organized today or at organizations they have worked for in the past?