Our Expertise Lies in Helping SAAS Companies and Other Tech Startups Manage Growth and Change with Grace.

Streamlined Sales & Services Onboarding

Hiring new team members is exciting and exhausting, and getting your new hires ramped and 100% billable or on full quota is key to your firm’s success. Inqune creates programs that are scalable, emphasize internal and external methodologies, and teach new hires best practices to drive their success. The experience you provide new hires in the first two weeks is the best predictor of how long they will stay. Working with Inqune ensures that every new hire will get the right start with your organization.

Sales Enablement Tune Up

Are you sensing a gap between your go-to-market plan and your sales execution? We can help you explore the launch of a formal enablement program or just look for ways to improve your existing systems and tools. Work with the Inqune team to identify internal and external resources you can leverage, scaling opportunities to support growth, and metrics to quantify results. You will finish the tune up process with customized recommendations for three concrete things that your organization can improve immediately, and an outline of how developing a formal enablement program with Inqune could further drive your sales team’s productivity.

If your sales strategy depends on channel partners, you must invest in their success as much as you do in your direct employees. Creating a compelling and successful training program with Inqune will increase revenue from current partners and attract more partners to your program. Create certifications to measure your impact.

Sales Kick-offs, Quarterly Meetings,& Management Off-Sites

Powerful, compelling special events can spur lasting change in your organization and set the tone for a successful year. Whether you need to galvanize your management team or inspire your assembled organization, working with Inqune will ensure your event’s success. We’ll help identify metrics to improve and areas that will move the needle, then design compelling content specifically targeted to do just that. Customize traditional sales methodologies to include your unique message, leverage technology investments and create a cohesive global team.

Mentorship Programs

The power of formal mentorship programs to increase employee satisfaction and success is well-established. Successful programs take intention, work, and skill to get started. Partner with Inqune to establish a formal mentor program internally or externally to share knowledge and experiences between senior and junior team members. Grow careers and develop talent.

Merger & Acquisition Integration & New Product Rollout

Incorporating a new product and team into your own or combining two established groups can create friction and resistance. Using a combination of vision exercises, process awareness and product enablement, Inqune will work with team members to create a seamless expansion of your value proposition to include new products.